Poker Glossary
    Table Stakes -
    Covered in the house rules of the poker room, table stakes means that players can only play any individual hand with the amount they have on the table. In other words, you can't pull money out of your pocket and put it into play in the middle of a hand. A rule that goes hand and hand with table stakes is that a player may not take any chips from the table unless they are leaving. For example, if a player secures a big win, they may not remove part or all of the chips from the table unless they are leaving the game.
    Tell -
    Any action or hint that a player gives that gives away the strength or weakness of his or her hand. Some tells are obvious while others are very difficult to detect. Also, some of the best players are experienced enough to give false tells.
    Tilt -
    When a player alters their normal play, often caused by losing a hand they were favored to win, but also at times brought on by the actions of another player. Tilt can be very costly and it is important to be able to control your emotions at the poker table to avoid playing poorly. "He went on tilt after my Jacks beat his Queens and lost half his chips making poor plays."
    Time -
    The request of a player who needs additional time to decide what to do when faced with a decision, usually vocalized by the statement "time please." Also another name for the seat charge collected at some poker rooms instead of collecting rake per hand. The time is usually charged either per half hour or hour at the table.
    Toke -
    Another name for a tip, given to the dealer or a waitress in a poker room.
    Top Pair -
    To match, or pair, one of your hole cards with the highest card on the board. Usually used when referring to only the flop. For example, you have a King and Jack and the flop comes Jack, six, three.
    Top Set -
    To form a set, which is three of a kind with a pair in your hand, matching the highest ranking card on the board. Though top set is used to describe the situation for all five community cards at times, it is usually used referring to just the flop. For example, you have two nines and the flop is nine, seven, two.
    Top Two -
    When you have two pair by matching your two hole cards with the two highest cards on the board. For example, when you have a King and Queen and the board is King, Queen, eight, seven, two. Can also be used when referring to just the flop, as in "I flopped top two pair."
    Top and Bottom -
    Two pair where your hole cards pair both the top and bottom ranked cards on the board. For example, if you have an Ace and a three and the board is Ace, Queen, ten, eight, three. Can also be used when referring just to the flop.
    Trips - Three of a kind where there are two cards of the same rank on the board and you have the third one in your hand. When you have two in your hand and one on the board, it is called a set.
    Turn -
    The fourth of five community cards in Texas holdem and Omaha. Also referred to as fourth street. "The turn was the Ace of spades, completing my flush."
    Under the Gun -
    The first player to the left of the big blind. The under the gun player is in the worst position before the flop and will have to play the hand out of position unless the only other players in the pot are the blinds. Generally players only play their best hands from under the gun.
    Underdog -
    Not being favored to win a hand also referred to as a dog. For example, "My pair of Queens was a large underdog to her pair of Aces."
    Value -
    Usually used in the phrase "value bet", it means placing a bet that you hope gets called because you have the best hand. However, a bet can also be a value bet if you have a drawing hand, as long as your draw is favored to win.
    Variance -
    Variance refers to the normal up and down swings of a players bankroll caused by the short-term luck involved in different forms of poker. Also, different playing styles lead to different levels of variance. Even the best poker players in the world have a degree of variance in their bankroll due to poor and good runs of cards, just like poor players.